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The Books2Wealth Book of the Month: October 2016

Drive by Daniel Pink

Drive is about what science teaches about motivation, how it differs from mainstream business practices, and how business in the 21st century is and needs to learn from this science to improve employee performance.

Pink characterizes three generations of motivation. Motivation 1.0 is the basic needs motivation: you need food and water and shelter and you will do what you need to in order to secure those things. Motivation 2.0 is the so called carrot and stick motivation techniques business, schools and government have used for centuries: rewarding people with money and other rewards for desirable conduct and punishing with sanctions such as termination from employment for undesirable conduct. Pink argues that Motivation 2.0 is unreliable and inadequate for knowledge workers in the 21st century.

He then describes Motivation 3.0 – engaging people through greater autonomy, mastery and purpose. He demonstrates how the science of psychology has shown this more elegant method of motivation is more consistently effective and far cheaper to provide….

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