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The Success Essentials – The Seven Essentials to Success

Learn what successful people know.

Make more effective use of your time and money.

Develop the disciplines that lead to success.

Avoid the mistakes that lead to failure.

Achieve balance in your life for greater health, happiness and achievement.

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Your Financial Success – The Seven Essential Steps

Learn how to build wealth
Build savings and a nest egg for retirement
Eliminate and prevent debt
Enjoy peace of mind

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Effective Time Management – Your Most Precious Resources

Learn how to use your time most effectively.
Get the important things done.
Manage interruptions.
Have better meetings.

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cover_image_goalsGoal Power!

Everything You Need to Know About How to Use Goals to Achieve Anything

By Daniel R. Murphy

Book One in the Little Success Book Series

Goal Power! is a concise introduction to the fundamentals of creating effective goals and executing them. Learn how proper use of goals leads to success and can enable you to achieve anything you want to achieve.

Learn how the number of goals you have affects your ability to achieve any of them.

Learn how to properly define a goal with sufficient clarity to motivate you and help you achieve your aim. Learn how to use short term and long term goals.

Learn how to execute a goal and sustain efforts for the long term.

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