Effective Time Management

Your Most Precious Resource

By Daniel R. Murphy

Do You Have Enough Time to Get Everything Done? 

How Would You Like to Get More Done in Less Time? 

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  • Learn how to take control of your time and manage it effectively.
  • Learn how to stop wasting time and make the best use of it.
  • Avoid interruptions and distractions. Get the important things done.
  • Learn how to plan simply and execute according to your plan.

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What are other people saying about Effective Time Management?

“If one’s life is a painter’s canvas, the palette is each our unique mixture of how we apply our time. In our rapid-fire world, the moments turn into hours, into days, into months and years….so much, so fast, so soon, so rarely do we feel in control. In this compelling, brief, actionable manual, leadership expert Daniel Murphy culls the best of the best thinking for how to apply the time of your life. Effectively applying even a few of the many insights found here could rock your world.”

James Strock, author and leadership expert, Serve to Lead


“Interesting read and the principles are down to Earth. Daniel Murphy has undoubtedly created another piece of great read on effective time management and success building. With the simple-to-understand and easy to read format, anyone can apply the principles within this book in their real life right away. It is a great read with a lot of tips and proven principles on effective time management. If you use what is taught in this book, you will benefit from it in life, many times over.”

Shawn Lim, Singapore – entrepreneur and blogger


I enjoyed reading your book on time management. I found your writing to be clean and clear. It doesn’t ask anyone to barge through a congested maze of unrelated ideas, but to understand that the best results grow out of a logical process.  The book reminded me of the things needed to maintain control of expectations and to set scheduled goals (sprinkled with enough challenges to make the process interesting).  I like that you use personal experiences and examples to explain your points (thanks for the humor in your viewpoints).

Gwenn M. of Albany, Oregon – teacher


Do you frequently find yourself overwhelmed and stressed by all the “to-do” items whirling around in your head?  Does it seem like your list keeps getting longer, not shorter?  How often have you said to others, or yourself, “There just isn’t enough time in the day to do everything I need to do”?

You’ll find plenty of techniques in Daniel Murphy’s book, Effective Time Management, Your Most Precious Resource.  He gives you the methods.  This discipline is up to you.  This book is written in easy to understand language and the points are clearly made.

Though there are so many useful tips in this book, here are five valuable tidbits to take away:

1) Other successful people have the same amount of hours each day that you have.  If they achieved great things, we can too.

2) Saying no to taking on more tasks is a necessity sometimes.  In fact, taking on too much ensures that nothing will get done right.  Learn to say no.

3) There are far too many time-wasters, barriers, and distractions that rob our precious time.  Being aware of what these are in your daily life can free up a lot of time each day.

4) It’s all about planning your work and then working your plan.

5) Choose a method of prioritizing you to-do list that works for you.  There are several good methods to choose from.

Murphy explains enough in this book to be able to implement a successful time management plan.  Why not do it today?  Your success and peace of mind depend on it.

Daniel Minteer, author of Boiled Down Money Goo

I read Effective Time Management by Daniel R Murphy.  This book is an effective tool to enable a person to organize and manage the time spent on all the many tasks we have to accomplish in our lives.

What the author said regarding technology and the many media distractions we have today, hit home with me. His suggestions in how to properly maintain a balance in considering and managing that time is well taken. I learned an effective approach with the suggested ABC system as well as how to curb and/or manage the many distractions that come at us daily. This book encourages us to take a look at how we care for ourselves personally as well. It is all part of how we elect to spend our precious time. If we don’t take care of ourselves, we cannot accomplish the lists of to-do’s everyday.

I would recommend this book as it has motivated me to be more diligent as I prioritize and write my plan to accomplish my daily, weekly and monthly tasks.

Barb H., Mckinleyville, California


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