The Excellence Habit

Check out the August Book of the Month: The Excellence Habit by Vlad Zachary.

This book is about becoming better: it is about performing at a higher level, excelling, and achieving more. It is about overcoming barriers both real and perceived. It will inspire and it will teach.

Zachary uses real life case histories and research to show how people have overcome obstacles to their success and achieved more. He then translates that into basic principles that will help you do the same.

Excellence is the key to achieving more. Make excellence your habit and you will succeed. That is his message. The author argues that the main source of success is excellence, and that excellence depends on our internal circumstances, grit, determination and discipline. Excellence Is a process we use to attain a result and that result is success.

Zachary frames the excellence habit in terms of three principles he calls The Iceberg Principle, The Law of Not Selling Out and the Journey Mindset. He allows that luck plays a role in our success but does not dictate it. If we practice more, practice better and do the right things luck usually follows.

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Dan Murphy

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